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Using Chat GPT to optimise Google Display Network placements

May 24, 2023

This blog explains how OpenAI's GPT-3 chat model can optimise Google Display Network ads by categorising placements from high to low relevance.


3 Reasons We Love Airtable

Jan 30, 2023

Find out why we love using airtable as our primary CRM.


Why You Should Be Using The LinkedIn API

Jan 10, 2023

The Linkedin API is a powerful tool for analysing you marketing campaings. Find out why you should be using it.


4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Move To GA4

Apr 20, 2022

GA4 is being depreciated in July 2023. Find out why you should be migrating now.


Disapproved Ads Script

Nov 19, 2022

A manager level script to check for disapproved ads in active campaigns across your accounts.


Search Term Changes Script

Jan 17, 2023

A manager level script to check for changes in spend and cost per click for search terms.