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What are Google Ads Scripts?

Google Ads scripts are a dynamic tool that empowers advertisers to enhance their Google Ads campaigns through automation. These scripts are snippets of JavaScript-like code that enable users to perform various tasks and optimizations programmatically within the Google Ads platform.

Benefits of Google Ads Scripts?

Google Ads scripts have many different uses, these include:

  1. Automation: Google Ads scripts automate routine tasks, saving time and allowing advertisers to focus on strategic aspects of their campaigns.
  2. Bid Management: Adjusting bids manually can be time-consuming. Google Ads scripts allow for automated bid adjustments based on predefined criteria, ensuring optimal ad spend.
  3. Reporting and Alerts: Scripts facilitate real-time reporting and can be set up to send alerts when specific conditions are met, keeping advertisers informed about campaign performance.
  4. Budget Management: Scripts enable dynamic budget adjustments based on performance metrics, ensuring that budget allocations align with campaign goals.
  5. Keyword Management: Easily manage and optimize keyword lists with scripts, identifying high-performing keywords and pausing or adjusting bids for underperforming ones.
  6. Linking to APIs: You can link your Google Ads scripts to external APIs such as Chat GPT.

Who are Google Ads Scripts for?

Google Ads scripts can be used by anyone however, there is an important distinction to make between single accounts and manager accounts. Scripts are written in different ways for these 2 account types and you need to ensure that the script will be compatible with the account you are using. Manager level accounts are typically used by agencies managing multiple Google Ads accounts, otherwise you can assume you have a single account.

Google Ads Scripts Examples

Google Ads Scripts are easy to get started with. The integrated developer enviroment allows users to copy and paste code and run scripts through simple account autherisation. You can get started with our free scripts below!


Generate Google Ads Headlines Using Chat GPT

Aug 21, 2023

A free Google Ads sctipt to generate new headlines from your existing ad copy using chat GPT.


Google Ads Script - Check for Search Term Changes

Jan 17, 2023

A manager level Google Ads script to check for changes in spend and cost per click for search terms.


Google Ads Script - Check for Disapproved Ads

Nov 19, 2022

A manager level Google Ads script to check for disapproved ads in active campaigns across your accounts.


What is the new scripts experience?

The new scripts experience is an update to Google Ads scripts that allows the use of javascript ES6 features such as arrow functions, array methods and destructuring. It also alows you to take advantage of the Google Ads API.

Are Google Ads scripts & the Google Ads API the same thing?

No, the Google Ads API is a different (and more complex) way to access and manage your Google Ads data however, there is some API functionality available through Google Ads scripts, specifically requesting reports.

What coding experience do I need to use these scripts?

No coding experience is required. Copy and paste the code into your Google Ads Scripts environment, follow the configuration instructions, and the scripts will work out of the box. If you would like to edit the scripts then you will need basic / intermdiate javascript knowledge.