Tracking, Analytics & Data Visualisation.

A robust measurement framework is crucial for understanding digital performance, guiding marketing strategy & identifying new opportunities. Customising this to your business KPIs will help you unlock your full growth potential.

POWERFUL DASHBOARDS for data-driven decisions

Data visualisation has wide applications, from communicating business performance, to understanding trends that can be used to drive growth. Fast and accurate insights are key to achieving success in both and are a specialty of Digital Expanse.

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Our team has extensive industry experience in software, enterprise, education, travel, commercial real estate, and many others. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that each industry presents, and we use this knowledge to develop customised solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

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Case Study



To create a reporting and insights dashboard, aggregating data from multiple paid and non-paid sources.



A dynamic omni-channel dashboard built in Power BI combining Google Ads, Google Analytics & LinkedIn Ads data.



"I really liked the way Philip architected the solution in a low cost way, using tools that we already had. A lot of marketing reporting platforms can get expensive but our operating costs are relatively low."Cassie WallaceHead of Software Development

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