Digital Expanse focuses on you and your business; delivering high quality work through excellent communication, technical expertise and innovative thinking.

Fully Integrated

We are a fully integrated digital partner with a broad range of skills that can be applied to your growth goals.


B2B marketing requires a nuanced approach to reach your target audiences.

Lead Gen

Increase your conversion rate with the right audience targeting, messaging and ad creative.

Workflow Automation

Automation of manual tasks using webhooks & APIs. Save thousands of hours.


We offer multiple services to marketing agencies looking to improve across their client portfolio.

Recent Work

Our recent work with Evergreen Electrical has involved creating a fully automated lead generation flow using Klaviyo, Air Table and their custom proposal software Open Solar. Using Airtable’s powerful functionality to link records, process webhooks and connect to API’s, customers now receive insights email series, can book 1 on 1 consultations and Evergreen can map the full consumer journey from initial contact to final sale & aftercare. 

How We Deliver Results

Data & Analytics

6 Years Experience

Technical Expertise

Custom Built Tools

Cool Things We've Built

Competitor Insights Monitoring

Monitor your top performing keywords for competitor activity and ad messaging.

Advanced LinkedIn Insights

Gain insights into companies & job title data segments not available in the standard UI.

Google Ads Quality Score Monitor

Monitor key quality score components across your keywords.


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