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SurfAid - Case Study

SurfAid is improving the lives of women and children in remote areas of Indonesia, the Solomon Islands and Baja Sur, Mexico. They provide access to healthcare, clean water, sanitation and improved nutrition with a focus on a ‘hand up, not a handout’ philosophy, empowering and supporting local communities to enrich their own lives, and increase their choices and possibilities for realising their own potential. Find out more here.

SurfAid & Digital Expanse worked together on a web analytics project to gain deeper insights into visitors actions on the SurfAid Website & Microsites. The project aimed to provide a better understanding of performance for audience and demographic segments, geographic performance, device performance and acquisition channel performance. The project was split up into 2 phases to achieve this.

Phase 1 - Google Analytics conversion tracking

Defining and measuring user actions that are valuable to an organisation is a crucial step in understanding digital performance. Key user actions were identified for SurfAid and set up using Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager, these included: 

  • Donations Started
  • Donations Completed
  • Total Donation Value
  • Newsletter signups

These new metrics allowed for insights into donation success %, donation drop off % and average donation value.

Phase 2 - Analytics dashboard

Visualisation of the new analytics data was the key outcome of the project. Google Datastudio was used to create 5 different analytics dashboards with useful data segments that could be used for actionable insights. The Dashboard showed aggregate digital metrics across 15+ microsites and could also be filtered so see the performance of each individual site. 

The dashboard was used for insights into:

  • Age/Gender
  • Acquisition channel
  • Device
  • Geographic Location
  • Campaign
  • Q.o.Q 


Additional insights were added over the course of the project including a “content engagement” section which looked at user engagement for non donation specific pages such as 4 best surf spots in Baja.

Digital Expanse supported SurfAid to better understand our online audience through custom Data Studio dashboards. Philip is a highly skilled digital marketer & we are very grateful for his expertise.
Laura Casaceli
Marketing and Communications Manager | SurfAid

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