Search Term Changes Script

Level: Manager Account

Frequency: 1/week

When managing Google Ads accounts, there are several tasks that should be completed on a regular basis. This includes regular search query analysis to ensure query matching is accurate and relevant. This is particularly important with the changes made to Exact Match keywords and the addition of “close variants”. Google’s algorithm’s aren’t perfect and we’ve had more than one occasion where new close variants have been irrelevant.

This script aims to assist in search term analysis in 2 ways:

  1. The script will identify new search terms that have spent more than $X and were not present in the previous week’s report. This monetary value can be adjusted in the scripts config.
  2. Identify search terms that have spent more than x% more than the previous week. Again this % is adjustable in the config.
The main limitation of this script is that the config applies to all accounts within a manager level account. Account level parameters can not be set and require either an expanded config or custom UI. 

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